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Akad Nikah Comedy Acting-Video/MP3/Audio

Here is a funny video of an akad nikah proceeding taking place. This short scenes. akad nikah of a Siamese man (mualaf, newly converted Muslim) who married a Malay lady from Kelantan.

A traditional Malay wedding is full of fun and delights but of course it has to start with the "akad nikah" - the formal contract of marriage or also commonly known as the marriage solemnization or wedding vows.

This marriage contract is an Islamic requirement and that happens when the bridegroom seals the "contract" with either the bride’s father, or an authorised person called "wali" who is either the bride’s male sibling or uncle or very close relative, but nowadays usually the "imam" of the nearby mosque or his authorised deputy.

The wali represents and takes the place of the father of the bride in conducting the akad nikah, and this delegation of duty must first be formally agreed before the akad nikah proceedings. - Video/MP3/Audio

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