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Bull Slaugtered at Tenghilan, Sabah-Video/MP3/Audio

A ritual ceremony where a bull will be slaughtered.That is the spirit of sacrificing, not killing innocent bull. Even though, islam slaughter the animals, the muslims still respect the animal.

The Islamic method of slaughtering animals, known as Zabiha has been the object of much criticism from a large number of people. One may consider the following points, which prove that the Zabiha method is not only humane but also scientifically the best:

Islamic method of slaughtering animal

Zakkaytum is a verb derived from the root word Zakah (to purify). Its infinitive is Tazkiyah which means purification. The Islamic mode of slaughtering an animal requires the following conditions to be met:

  • Animal should be slaughtered with sharp object (knife) The animal has to be slaughtered with a sharp object (knife) and in a fast way so that the pain of slaughter is minimised.
  • Cut wind pipe, throat and vessels of neck-Zabiha is an Arabic word which means ‘slaughtered’. The ‘slaughtering’ is to be done by cutting the throat, windpipe and the blood vessels in the neck causing the animal’s death without cutting the spinal cord.
  • Blood should be drained- The blood has to be drained completely before the head is removed. The purpose is to drain out most of the blood which would serve as a good culture medium for micro organisms. The spinal cord must not be cut because the nerve fibres to the heart could be damaged during the process causing cardiac arrest, stagnating the blood in the blood vessels.
Animal does not feel pain, The swift cutting of vessels of the neck disconnects the flow of blood to the nerve of the brain responsible for pain. Thus the animal does not feel pain. While dying, the animal struggles, writhers, shakes and kicks, not due to pain, but due to the contraction and relaxation of the muscles defecient in blood and due to the flow of blood out of the body.-Video/MP3/Audio


Akad Nikah Comedy Acting-Video/MP3/Audio

Here is a funny video of an akad nikah proceeding taking place. This short scenes. akad nikah of a Siamese man (mualaf, newly converted Muslim) who married a Malay lady from Kelantan.

A traditional Malay wedding is full of fun and delights but of course it has to start with the "akad nikah" - the formal contract of marriage or also commonly known as the marriage solemnization or wedding vows.

This marriage contract is an Islamic requirement and that happens when the bridegroom seals the "contract" with either the bride’s father, or an authorised person called "wali" who is either the bride’s male sibling or uncle or very close relative, but nowadays usually the "imam" of the nearby mosque or his authorised deputy.

The wali represents and takes the place of the father of the bride in conducting the akad nikah, and this delegation of duty must first be formally agreed before the akad nikah proceedings. - Video/MP3/Audio


Video Streaming-Video/MP3/Audio

There are many video file formats to choose from when creating video streams. The most common formats are:

1. Windows Media
2. RealMedia
3. Quicktime
4. MPEG (in particular MPEG-4)
5. Adobe Flash

There are pros and cons for each format but in the end it comes down to personal preference. Be aware that many of your users will have their own preferences and some users will only use a particular format, so if you want to reach the widest possible audience you should create separate files for each format. In reality this isn't usually practical so you need to make a judgment call on which formats to provide. Obviously the better you understand all the options, the better your decision is likely to be.

Streaming is a technology for playing audio and/or video files (either live or pre-recorded) directly from a server without having to download the file. This avoids time-consuming downloads of large files, and may help avoid copyright infringement since the user never is provided with a complete copy of the file.

When audio or video is streamed, a small buffer space is created on the user's computer, and data starts downloading into it. As soon as the buffer is full (usually 10-30 seconds), the file starts to play. As the file plays, it uses up information in the buffer, but while it is playing, more data is being downloaded. As long as the data can be downloaded as fast as it is used up in playback, the file will play smoothly. -Video/MP3/Audio


SIMROID the realistic android -Video/MP3/Audio

SIMROID is an extremely realistic android used to give dental students extenisve practice with dental procedures.- International Robot Exhibition (IREX) 2007 -Video/MP3/Audio


Punishments In Malaysia -Video/MP3/Audio

Punishments In Malaysia for rape case. genuine judicial punishment session in Malaysia, including several complete canings, ranging from a couple of one-stroke punishments to one of twenty strokes. It was made, probably in 2004, at Seremban prison. - Video/MP3/Audio